Carpet Type


Prior to cleaning carpet, it is essential to know which carpet type you have and what material it is. Certainly, take advantage of the guide below to help identify your carpet type and material.

Types of Carpets

Berber Carpet
Oriental Carpet
Persian Carpet
Wool Carpet
Carpet Mats
Carpet Tiles

Cut Pile

Auckland Steam n Dry carpet cleaning carpet typeCut pile carpets are manufactured by firstly starting with a loop. After cutting the top, while the fibers are standing straight. In fact, a textured cut pile is among the most widely used carpet type.

  • Frieze – Specifically it contains short fibers that curl in various directions. These curls help to disguise footprints as well as vacuum cleaner marks. It is a very twisted cut pile as a result which makes it suited for high traffic locations.
  • Saxony – Actually made from two or more fibers twisted collectively in a yarn. The twisted piles are subsequently heat set to be straight. Above all, these display every footprint and vacuum-cleaner mark once you move across them.
  • Velvet/Plush – lightly twisted to keep up a single and uniform color. In particular, they are more level as compared to textures. However, also show every footprint and vacuum-cleaner mark whenever you move across them.

Cut and Loop Pile Carpet Type

These carpets contain cut and looped fibers. For instance, they generally have many surface textures or designs. The various levels make dirt and footprints a lot less apparent.

Berber is a well known level loop pile carpet. They are remarkably durable, limit tracking marks and produced from almost any fiber. In addition, keep an eye on the loops. As they are able to hold dirt and can damage from snags.

In brief, these carpets contain interlocking warp and weft threads. Flatweave carpets are commonly used for oriental rugs and carpets.

Level Loop Pile
This carpet is manufactured by weaving loops of a yard into carpet backing. The strong loops allow it to be very durable and help withstand tracking marks. The level loop piles help it become easy to clean.

Multi-Level Loop Pile
This carpet resembles the level loop pile with the exception it is usually made of two to three different loop heights. These various heights provide the carpet with a textured look. It has precisely the same durable features, but the smaller loops are also able to hold dirt.

These carpets may consist of cut pile, loop pile, or a combination of both. Tufted carpets can be quite economical and are commonly at the lower end of the market.

These carpets are created on a loom similar to woven cloths. While there are numerous different yarns used, these often contain very detailed patterns. This is the finest quality of carpet available.

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