Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning ServicesIf you’re not fully convinced of the benefits of carpet cleaning, consider the following carpet cleaning services that lead to a healthier home:


There is hardly anything you need to do to prepare for the Auckland Carpet Cleaning services arrival. We only ask any fragile or valuable items are removed prior to cleaning. We will take care of other items the day we show up.

Throughout the Visit

As soon as we arrive, Auckland Carpet Cleaning services will:

  • Firstly perform a pre-inspection of the rooms and items. Our technicians will note any heavily soiled areas or traffic patterns.
  • Go over the process with you and answer any questions you might have.
  • Carefully move furniture in the rooms.
  • Pre-treat any places of concern, to ensure the most thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the whole area using Auckland Carpet Cleaning exclusive hot water extraction technique.
  • Use a deodorizer or protector as requested. And then groom the carpet.
  • Move your furniture back to its original location. And place protective pads underneath.

After all rooms/upholstery are serviced; our technicians complete a final inspection to ensure 100% complete satisfaction.


Even though Auckland Carpet Cleaning services powerful, truck-mounted vacuum system that remove almost all of the moisture instantly. Your carpet and/or upholstery may still be damp to the touch.

  • Make use of fans in any rooms cleaned and also turning your air conditioning system on can help to speed up the drying time.
  • Make sure to leave the protective pads under furniture legs and any paper used with upholstered items in place, until the carpet and/or furniture is completely dry, to prevent any color transfer.
  • Yes, you may walk on your carpet right after cleaning. But avoid wearing street shoes, as they can re-soil your carpet. Take note to be especially careful when walking from damp, carpeted areas onto non carpeted areas, and to protect yourself from slipping.
  • If perhaps for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the work performed; simply let us know within ten days of the cleaning. We will be happy to approach any concerns you may have.

In any event, simply call Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services on 09-489 5599

North Shore on 09-489 5599
West Auckland on 09-836 0990
East Auckland on 09-535 1055
South Auckland on 09-262 1800