Carpet Benefits

carpet-2Nowadays, carpets are very popular in every home and building. Carpet is the most practical, versatile and fashionable option of flooring. In addition, carpets account for more than half of all flooring purchases that are made each year. As a matter of fact, carpet has outsold all other types of flooring for more than 60 years.

Most quality carpets have excellent wear properties, which mean that many years of comfortable service can be expected if the right carpet is selected in the first instance. In addition, carpet gives you a number of advantages that other flooring choices can’t contest.

Here are 11 features that carpet will add to any home.

1. Carpet is an excellent option for your family room, bedroom and other rooms where you want warmth underfoot.

2. Carpeting provides an additional layer of insulation between the floors of your home. Depending on the weight and density, it contributes to the R-value of your home. Insulation is important in a home, especially during the cold winter months. Because of its warming qualities, homes with carpet often save money on their energy bills.

3. Safety covers two aspects reduced slippage, especially when wet and a decrease in stress on joints the soft resilient fibers of a carpet provide a cushioning effect and excellent orthopedic properties.

4. Reduction in sound is another benefit of using a carpet. It helps absorb noise from stereos and televisions. If you have a multi-story house, then the carpets will reduce the noise and the sound of footsteps for the rooms below.

Carpet dampens noise in 3 ways:

  • Reducing surface noise from foot traffic.
  • Blocking sound transmission.
  • Absorbing airborne sound.

Especially noteworthy that these qualities are very useful in apartments.

5. If you want to camouflage any damage to the floor or put out of sight any other problems, like warped floors, just add a carpet.

6. Carpeting is very easy to care for. They are very stain resistant, which makes cleaning even the worst possible spills a lot easier.

7. Several studies discovered that carpet can improve the quality of air by trapping allergy causing dust and allergens. Allergies due to carpeting are unknown. The myth that carpets promote dust-mite allergies is untrue, because these are attributable to the feces of the house-dust mites the actual allergen itself. Bedding and bed linen contain up to 70% more house-mites than carpets. Regular vacuuming and cleaning, together with adequately ventilated and dry rooms, means that it is virtually impossible for a carpet to contain, entrap or transmit allergens.

8. Carpets offer a variety of use.

You can effortlessly add carpeting to stairs, steps, posts, walls, and other non level surfaces.

9. You can choose from many thousands of styles and colors. This means your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. It can be either a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant colors and stronger bolder patterns and textures.

10. Carpets are not overly expensive if you take into account that they are an economical alternative to the other types of costly flooring. While you won’t pay near as much as you would for hard surfaces.

11. Today’s carpeting is extremely durable and can live longer than most other types of flooring. In conclusion, all you need to do is to choose one that has a life span of 5-30 years.

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