Berber Shag Carpet


Berber Shag Carpet

Whenever choosing carpet for your home you have plenty of options to choose from. The type of carpet you choose will depend a great deal on your needs and likes. Make sure you consider berber shag carpet for your home.

berber shagIf you’re new to berber shag carpet; a little research will quickly reveal Berber is the second most popular type of carpet sold. There are several reasons why Berber shag is so popular. It is priced very well, wears well, available in a variety of patterns and styles, has a wool-like look, hides footprints and vacuum marks nicely, and lastly is very resistant to fading.

Berber shag is a loop carpet which has flecks of color. The loops may be the same size or they may be a mix of large and small loops which give the carpet a more textured look. Some manufacturers add air to the loops but the more air the quicker the carpet will go flat. Some fiber types also mat faster than others so be mindful when you are choosing your berber carpet.

Berber Shag Damage

Recognized for its superior durability over traditional plush carpets. However, nothing is perfect and berber also has some disadvantages. Berber carpet will pull very easily and if you pull on a loose strand it will completely unweave itself. If you cut berber, it will unravel similar to fabric.

A cat can wreak damage just by getting its claw caught. So can a vacuum if it picks up a loose strand. The best way to stop your berber shag carpet from pulling any further is to cut the loose end with scissors and then apply heat to it to cauterize the fabric and seal it. You can do this with an iron. As you heat the fibers, press them together to in order that they meld. It’s a fast fix that will last for years.

Berber shag carpet is one of the least expensive, durable, and easiest types of berber to install. In fact, it’s not only a good choice for your home, but it’s also an excellent choice if you have rental property. It is also available with excellent stain remover another good reason to choose it for rental property or heavy traffic areas; say for example a family room.

Berber Carpet Clean

Your home could have several areas which are considered higher traffic areas. Areas where traffic is high required solutions that are affordable and long lasting. You have two choices, either burbur carpet or tile. Sometimes tile may be the appropriate choice but not always. The tile will most likely cost more than burbur carpets and it will last longer than burbur. But it’s not always the right choice, so for areas where the tile is not the best option your second choice is Berber carpet. Berber shows very little wear, therefore it will withstand many years of high traffic and it is an easy task to clean and maintain.

If your berber carpets are beginning to lose their shine and perhaps look a little dirty, it takes little effort to have them looking like new again! Finding a professional carpet cleaner is one option which will provide you with a guarantee for the work and usually a very affordable alternative. Of course, you can also choose to clean your carpet yourself by buying or renting a steam cleaner. Cleaning the carpets yourself will save you a few dollars. However, if you aren’t sure about your own skill level, pay the extra and have your berber shag carpets cleaned by a professional.

Berber shag is among the most affordable and durable carpets you can think about placing in your home. And it looks fantastic too.

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