Berber Carpet – Why Choose It?


Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Berber Carpet

berber carpetBerber carpet is named after the hand crafted bulky wool, textured and used by the Berber tribe in North Africa. The Berber carpet these days follows much of the tradition of the Berber tribe using flecked bulky yarns to produce beautiful carpets. Listed below are top factors to buy Berber carpet compared to other carpet choices.

Color Selections

Color selections are mixed and varied and include earthen or neutral colors, dark colors, and even bright colors. Aside from plenty of colors from which to choose there are several patterns to choose from. The way carpeting is created is determined by how the yarns are twisted. The pile density is dependent upon the look and pattern of the finished rug. Berber provides more choices than just about any type of carpet.

Conceal Sub Floor

Owing to the density of Berber carpet, it is simple to conceal irregularities on the sub floor without spending an arm and a leg to fix or replace the sub floor. This makes Berber very cost effective.

Cost Effective

Aside from being essentially the most economical carpets to buy, Berber is also among the most economical carpets to have installed. Since it is an easy carpet to lay, it is possible to find installation at less per square foot than other carpets.


The manufacturing process designed wool loops that have an incredible number of air pockets in them hence the carpet has a great cushiony feeling when you walk on it. It also has an insulation factor as a result of the weave which helps control the temperature of the room.


Berber is an ideal choice for any person with allergies or children. Berber is both non-toxic and non allergenic. Furthermore, it additionally prevents bacterial growth right in its tracks.

Less Costly

Now there’s a minor irony here. Genuine wool carpet is less expensive compared to nylon, olefin, or any artificial products. Yet is still outlasting them and looking new for a lot longer. Berber lower priced among the choices in the carpet. Without a doubt, it looks richer than many other choices available.

One of A Kind

The flecked looped yarns accustomed to making Berber carpets provide unique stylish carpets that have an individuality which enables a Berber carpet easily identifiable.

Preference in Loop Size

You can get different loop sizes in Berber so there is a size for every single room and decor. From big rather knobby loops to modest tight loops. There are a lot of industry choices including cut and loop styles, multi level loops and level loops.

Selection of Grades

Berber can be purchased in a variety of grades, determining the luxuriousness of the carpet and they even have a product intended to go right over concrete.


Berber is among the most durable and simple carpets to clean. Stains easily lift and it requires plenty of miles on the carpet for it to indicate any wear. It seldom shows footprints, and it does not show the lines from the vacuum cleaner. In conclusion, the one and only thing you should watch is that you don’t snag it and damage it.

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